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The Future of Education

I've always been very interested in the future.

My first exposure to the study of the future was in Alvin Toffler's book Future Shock where he predicted (in 1970!) that schools would evolve into community centres where children could go and do projects. Although this is true in some cases, schools have not changed as much as Toffler stated.

I have continued my interest in the future. I listen to the podcast The Future and You. This podcast never had any episodes about education (that I can remember), but it was still a very interesting listen.

The website I am currently looking at is Quantum Run. This has several articles on the future of education.

One find is that technology is shaping the way that the Centennials' (those born between 2000 and 2020) brains work. Mainly, they are less able to remember as much as before due to the huge number of devices that store and can call up information. The sort of skills required for exams. It seems that this sort of thing was suspected all the way back to the times of Ancient Greece.

It also predicts that people will need to become lifelong learners as knowledge becomes obsolete faster. Part 2 is entitled 'Degrees will become free but will include expiry date'. which is an essay on how education should change to make sure that degrees are cheaper and easier to renew.

This isn't happening now though, but knowing this might be a way to be able to get ahead. If Quantum Run thinks that education needs to be a constant, lifelong process, then doing it now may give you the edge.

Have a great weekend!

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