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Escape rooms instead of exams

I did my first escape room a few weeks back and I loved it. We had to unlock the safe that contained an antidote to a deadly disease that had broken out across the world. The problems we had to use included:

Knowledge of the location of the elements on the periodic table.

Using a process of elimination.


Reading co-ordinates on a map.



It was a lot of fun. It got me thinking that it would not be too hard to make an educational escape room where the knowledge required is based on what is taught in schools. It would also assess students on their teamwork and communication skills.

Of course, it would be harder give a single number to assess the performance of a student, but it would give them more opportunities to practise the skills that employers are so desperate for school and university leavers to have.

So, I suggest you try an escape room today and I'll see you next week...

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