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SLOP (Shed Loads of Practise)

Although the acronym is new, the concept is not. You get better at things when you do lots of practise. It is an idea we should be promoting to children anyway, as Carol Dweck's research shows - we should be linking their successes to the amount of effort they put in.

In the context of revision, this means doing lots of questions then looking at the answers to see how you have done, marking them and thinking about and writing down any improvements you might need to make.

It is important to try the question, then correct mistakes as this leads to more learning. Then you know the thought process for a question.

Another way to improve is to watch videos of people doing exam questions (there are many many videos on YouTube) and you can see how they approach the question and avoid the pitfalls.

Physics and maths tutor (all levels, most boeards and free!)

Free Exam Papers (exam papers on everything!)

Chemsheets (Chemistry from all levels, £12 for a year)

My GCSE Science (AQA GCSE Science, costs money depending on whether you do double or triple)

Snap Revise (May subjects and levels. It doesn't have sheets, but it has several videos of someone going though exam questions in addition to helpful videos - £29.95 per year)

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