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What I learned doing A level physics part 2 - how to use online videos to help

I obtained my original A levels in 2001. When I did, the main source of information were my teachers, my textbooks and some revision guides. The internet at the time had no really useful A level websites to speak of (GCSE Bitesize had just started) and there was nothing like YouTube or any site that had tons of videos on it.

When I entered A level physics in 2018, I expected that the knowledge I had obtained through my degree and teaching would carry me through a lot of it, but that I would have to hire a tutor for some bits and pieces. It turned out that I was wrong. Every time I got stuck, I was able to find something to help online.

So, I thought that I would share with you the helpful websites, apps and YouTube channels that got me through A level physics.

Snap Revise has a video for every specification point as well as many videos where the instructor goes through exam questions. £29.95 for year 12 and 29.95 for year 13. The year 13 one includes the options for medical physics and astronophysics. I watched these videos a lot - whenever I had a spare few minutes I watched another one. Well worth the money.

On YouTube, there is a channel called Science Shorts which also has great videos. The host also does a live question and answer session the night before each exam.

Dr Physics A does great videos, but not specification specific.

Khan Academy is the original online video resource - it also has very useful non-specification videos. I used the website for my engineering physics option.

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