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Information overload with exams

Note: I accidentally published this article before I wrote anything for it. I am noting a certain amount of irony.

So, term is now in full swing. The beginning of term is a time when you get a big intake of information at school - information about your classes, about your timetable, about what's going to happen all year, about your exams, about pretty much everything.

Not all of that information will be relevant to you. It also might be relevant later, but not right now. So how do you know what will be useful? At this point in the year, you don't need to know the whole specification, or when exactly your exams will be. You can look that up in a quiet moment.

At the moment, it would be good to just focus on what you are learning and look up those other things later.

It might also sound counterintuitive, but it might be good to see what you can cut out of your life. Improvement can be a subtractive process as well. If something is not serving you any more, it would be good to cut it out. Then you can make room for something more productive.

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